Memas is a welfare technology that also supports the carers. As long as you are connnected to the Internet you have to opportunity to:

  1. Customize the Memas tablet so that it best suits the user, by adding or remove features
  2. Manage content associated with each function
  3. Monitor which features the Memas user actually use
  4. See if the tablet is connected to power, and if all services are functioning properly
  5. Get support
  6. Keep address and user information updated

Settings of the Memas tablet can be executed on the carers website (


You can select or remove menu items that appear on the Memas tablet.


You can easily choose what color to appear on the Memas tablet.

Albums and photosalbum_200

It`s easy to get photos from your computer and sort photos into albums.



You can choose from predefined radio channels, or add your own streams. 


In addition to predifined newspapers you can post as many newspapers or other websites that the user of the Memas tablet wants to use.

Weather forecastVarmelding_200

You can choose any weater forecast if you do not want to use one of the predifined choices.



Here you can choose the timeframe that will appear on the Memas tablet.

Contact listKontaktliste_200

You can add or remove contacts as you wish.


Useful tips and guides to all functions are provided for the functions.