People with memory problems, cognitive impairment or dementia struggle especially with three areas: Time confusion, boredom and loneliness.


Mylife Velvære motvirker tidsforvirring, kjedsomhet og ensomhet

Time Confusion
Memas ensures that the person with memory problems are aware what will happen today.
Memas enables more of the relatives to see what will happen, so that activities can be coordinated in the family. Being able to carry out joint acitivities, e.g looking at pictures together. Or just to make sure that relatives can be able to plan their visits, so the elder can have more visits througout the week. And of course, many users enjoy the functions in «For enjoyment» very much.
Make it pleasant to come to visit instead of a visit full of «I told you that», «You`ve forgotten», «Now remember», and sticky notes all over the place, is a deprivation that many families of people with cognitive impairment can recognize.

Mylife Velvære, mindre stress og mer glede


The testing of our products in Norway, Germany and the UK showed that Memas solved these problems and that the product provided several good effects related to everyday life for those families who tried the product.

The product provided joy to the users. One of the favorites was to look at photos together with grandchildren. The product also facilitate communication and reduced the need for reminders thus giving the user a feeling of control over his/hers own life.


There were fewer «emergency visits» for the carers, which reduced stress for both parties. The product also provided increased safety for both the user and the carer because everyone knew what was on the screen. It was also easy for the users to make contact with carers.