Memas_R_liten Coordination, pleasure and safety.

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Memas helps you to keep track of the day

Family coordination

Remote control from PC, Mac or Smartphone

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Easy to ajust.

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Your Personal Assistant

Memas® contributes to everyday life by showing day, date, time. A calendar with overview and reminders of the activities that will take place today, increases independence . Memas® may also provide access to favorite channels on radio, photo album, memos or newspapers.

Family coordination
Senior Couple Relaxing On Sofa At Home

Memas® makes everyday life easier and more organised. The family can share calendar and keep track of all activities. Family members can enter appointments, upload photos or make other changes on the Memas-tablet anytime and from anywhere. 

For carers

Memas® been developed through a series of research projects focusing on people with cognitive impairment and use of technology. The results show that Memas®-users are happier, the families experience less stress and both parties feel greater confidence.

Memas® also helps to increase communication between the municipality, the relatives and the user.

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Everyday technology for pleasure and safety

Easy memory assistance for people with memory loss and their families
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